Currently, I coordinate an orphaned kitten program in State College  that provides foster care and medical support for
infant unweaned kittens who no longer have mothers.
 In 2011, we took in 100 kittens!

 I also volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center, where we treat all native PA species.

Please visit the Orphaned Kitten Program and Centre Wildlife Care to learn more about what we do. And yes, if you insist,
you can make a donation.  :)

Above right, our Old English mastiff, Max, checks out two of our temporary residents. Sadly, we lost both Max, age 10, and our
12-year-old Collie, Blaise, within 2 weeks in autumn 2011.

Infant opossum: The mother was killed by a car but
her babies were inside her pouch and survived.


    I'm being preened by Nostradamus, a young
screech owl who is non-releasable due to injury.

My personal pets, in January 2012,  include 2 dogs
and 3 cats. As I said above, we still are mourning
the loss of our two oldest furry friends, Blaise and Max (below), before Christmas. We also have been the recipient
of a number of small creatures ditched by college students
who have decided they no longer wanted
the responsibility of a pet. 

Welcome to the virtual home of
Anne Marie Rodgers

   Anne Marie's Animal Activities  

I've loved animals since I was a very small girl. My parents used to get exasperated--I seemed to be a magnet for every stray dog and homeless cat that got dumped along our country road.

In college, my first cat found me, and my home has never been without a pet since. Over the years after my husband and I married, a number of cats and dogs from our local animal shelter joined our family. We got involved in rescue work--everything from the kindergarten class guinea pig lottery to more formal efforts with canine breed rescues. I sat on the board of a local humane society, and I showed one of my first beloved Collies in AKC Obedience Trials, earning his CD and CGC.

Then we got involved in raising guide dog puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Everyone always asks how we could give them up. The answer is: not easily. It's heartbreaking to say goodbye to a puppy whom you've loved since he was 8 weeks old. But months later, seeing that puppy partnering a vision-impaired person for whom a guide dog means independence is a feeling it's impossible to describe, even for someone who makes her living with words.

In 2005, my daughter, a friend and I worked at the Humane Society of Louisiana mere days after Hurricane Katrina struck. It was both the most tragic and the most incredibly awe-inspiring animal rescue work I have ever done. My very first book for Grace Chapel Inn, SAINTS AMONG US, tells a fictional story that is drawn from my experiences with a hurricane's animal victims.

 Baby chipmunk: giving me "what-for" the whole time I was stimulating him.

Violet is a domestic skunk we use in 
educational programs.

Below, I'm feeding an injured fawn.

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